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There is no way I could compete with this site for news about Doctor Who.


 BBC Worldwide have announced the first four VHS and DVD releases for next year.

Listed releases are for England.

Next year sees a trio of Time Lords face the mighty Omega in the DVD release of The Three Doctors.

Ice Warrior and Second Doctor fans can watch The Seeds of Death sprout on DVD come February 17th.

The Third Doctor and Jo are despatched to Solos to an unusual errand on the same day, as The Mutants gets its VHS release.

Finally, March 14th sees Tom Baker dressed as a cactus for the VHS debut of Meglos. No wonder he left soon after...

Big thanks to Steve Roberts of the Restoration Team for the following details of the DVD extras:

The Three Doctors

  • Commentary by Katy Manning, Barry Letts and Nick Courtney
  • 1973 Pebble Mill at One interview with Bernard Wilkie and Patrick Troughton
  • Jon Pertwee and the Whomobile in the Blue Peter studio, plus a look back at the first ten years of Doctor Who
  • Excerpts from BSBs 31Who weekend, including the trail for The Three Doctors, interviews with Jon Pertwee, Nick Courtney, script editor Terrance Dicks and writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin.
  • Five Faces of Doctor Who trailer
  • A low quality off-air audio recording of the original 1972 BBC1 trail, married up with remastered pictures.
  • Jon Pertwee on stage at the 30th anniversary PanoptiCon convention in 1993, joined by Katy Manning and Nick Courtney

The Seeds of Death (more to be announced)

  • Featurette on the history of the Ice Warriors
  • The recently discovered New Zealand censor clips from The Web of Fear and The Wheel in Space
  • The Last Dalek: more footage from the special effects filming from The Evil of the Daleks, narrated by Michealjohn Harris and Peter Day
  • TARDIS Cam 5

More info on The Seeds of Death as we get it.


My favorites list

My top two are
City of Death
Talons of Weng Chiang

Others are
Power of the Daleks
Reign of Terror (If only for the first episode, that cliffhanger was
the best Hartnell cliffhanger IMO)
Horror of Fang Rock
Genesis of the Daleks

Favorite by Doctor
Hartnell - The Daleks
Troughton - Tomb of the Cybermen
Pertwee - Curse of Peladon
T. Baker - City of Death
Davison - Black Orchid   <---bet you thought I would say Caves...
C. Baker - Mark of the Rani
McCoy - Curse of Fenric
McGann - The TV Movie

Favorite audio by Doctor
Hartnell - Marco Polo
Troughton - Web of Fear
Pertwee - Do I have to choose? They both suck.
T.Baker - Genesis audio or State of Decay talking book.
Davison - Spare Parts
C. Baker - Holy Terror (Whispersof Terror is a close second)
McCoy - Colditz


KPTS still refuse to air Doctor Who. They have lost money for the last two years and it does not look like they will turn it around. Red Dwarf is still on for now, but unless support doubles for it, they will not renew.



Time and Relative by Kim Newman

This is set before Unearthly Child, and could have been a great book, but failed. The Doctor I saw in the first episode had a fit when two of Susans teachers followed her home to the Tardis, but this Doctor does not even bat an eye when Susan brings others to the junkyard and tells them they are from another world. I give it a 5 for being original, but a 1 for getting it so wrong.