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The Timelords of Kansas

Laura Branigan
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This page is dedicated to Laura Branigan.

Laura was born to sing. Her voice was a powerful instrument, and she used it very well. When she sang a song, she made you feel it with her.

She takes my Self Control

Laura became a household name with Gloria, but it was Self Control that most people remember her for. My sister hates the song Gloria to this day. She said it got on her nerves. I never felt that way, and many others feel the same way I do.

Laura can arrest me any time...

Her albums
Silver Dreams - Unreleased
Branigan 2
Self Control
Hold Me
Laura Branigan
Over My Heart
Laura Branigan - Greatest Hits
??? - Her last official album has yet to be released, but a bootleg version called Remember Me is out there. It has very poor versions of her final recordings, and I don't recommend it.

For more information about the great Laura Branigan, visit her website.

Laura Branigan Online